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    Angels Twenty Fine Art is an international military art and military aviation art publisher, dealer, and distributor specializing in limited edition fine art prints with a particular focus on the highly collectible and commemorative field of autographed Aviation and Military Art. Angels Twenty is also the distributor of military art and military aviation fine art books books showcasing some of the worlds best military artists. 
    Angels Twenty began in June of 1996 in Melbourne, Australia by military and history enthusiast Peter Forbes. Peter, with a family history in the military, developed a keen interest, especially for military aviation. He became an accomplished military aviation modellist and dedicated much of his life to researching the world of war history with a specific passion and focus on Australian’s at war. This passion soon crossed paths with his other love of art and he soon began to use the medium to bring to life the stories of some of Australians greatest war heroes on canvas. Through Angels Twenty, Peter has dedicated much of his time to documenting these courageous stories and persons that experienced these incredible events through visual art, word and in filmed interviews. He has devoted his skills to helping many Australian veteran causes through his prints such as the B-52 Liberator Restoration Foundation and also to the Australian Nurses at War Foundation to commemorate the invaluable service that the nurses have contributed over more than 100 years of service. Peter and Angels Twenty has interviewed and worked with the likes of former Prime Minister Sir John Gorton, Dick Cresswell, Nancy Wake and Vivian Bullwinkel and countless others. Peter has advised and guided authors, publishers, and artists in the area of military aviation such as notable media figure and author, Michael Veitch on his critically acclaimed book, Flak.